Mavic More Efficient Pedal Stroke

The technical and technological developments in the cycling world over the past few years have been numerous, particularly for bicycles as a whole (frames, wheels, components, etc.). When talking about equipment for cyclists, however, such leaps in development have not been seen, particularly with shoes. In fact, shoe construction has remained unchanged for many years, with an upper (the top part of the shoe, often made of synthetic materials or leather) glued to the sole (stiff bottom part of the shoe) to which the cleat is attached.

Why is it that shoes are so important in cycling? Quite simply because they are the interface between the cyclist and the machine. You could put a well-trained cyclist on a very efficient bike, but if the connection between the two is poor, the system will not be the most efficient. And yet, if you take a look at top-level cycling today, you’ll see that the time differences have become smaller and smaller (for example, only 2 seconds separated the 1st and 2nd place finishers of Paris-Nice). It is thus important to optimize the performance of not only the machine and the athlete, but also the connection between the two.

By proposing our new Comète Ultimate shoe with its unique carbon shell + bootie construction (figure 1), the interface between cyclist and bike has never been so efficient.


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