OudoorGearLabs: Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Review


Yakima Skybox 16 Carbonite Review

Price:  $529 List |

Pros:  Great handle, cool appearance, less expensive
Cons:  Frustrating installation
Bottom line:  The SkyBox Carbonite is an exceptional value because of its top-notch user friendly design.
Editors' Rating:   4 Star
Weight (lbs):  47 lbs
Volume (Cubic Feet):  16 cu ft
Size (Inches - L x W x H):  81 x 36 x 15
Manufacturer:   Yakima

Our Verdict

Before we started testing, we had all six of these cargo boxes laid out side-by-side in a garage. It was pretty readily apparent that our two $300 boxes, the ones we've deemed the "short and stumpy," were considerably less nice than the other four. What we were the most curious about, then, was what was going to separate a $500 box from a $700 box. At first glance they seemed really similar, so we couldn't quite figure out what the secret of the top-of-the-line boxes was, but we were determined to find out.

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